Timber can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes depending the needs and requirements of the project. 

These are some of the timbers that we regularly use:

•    Masarunduba
•    Grapa
•    Balua
•    Rhodesian Teak
•    Kiaat
•    Saligna (Blue gum)
•    Red Iron Bark
•    Pine (CCA treated)
•    Meranti
•    Wide range of products on laminate flooring

Please note that any other timber species can also be supplied to your requirements.

Timber decking and flooring will enhance any residential of commercial application both aesthetically and practically.  Timber provides a warm and inviting environment both interior and exterior.  Timber decking and flooring as well as laminate flooring can be used for high traffic areas such as restaurants, walkways and hotel lobbies.  

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